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Who are the top candidates for "SEC-xit"?

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Perhaps you've heard, voters in the United Kingdom recently decided that they no longer wanted to be members of the European Union. Approximately 52% of them, anyway. This affected what has become commonly known as "Brexit." One could certainly hold forth at length about the various political, social, and historical elements which made this decision either inevitable or wholly avoidable depending on your perspective. But would that really be productive at this point? I say no.

What would be productive would be asking ourselves which SEC schools are most likely to vote to leave the league like a gaggle of Brits all hopped up on scones and self-determination. At first blush it may seem like nonsense. Who would want to leave the conference that passes out more money per annum than any other in the college sports world? The one with primo bowl tie-ins, and a formidable television presence? Believe me, there are candidates.

  • Texas A&M. Texans are pretty adamant that they're a whole 'nother country anyway, so you have to expect that independent streak is going to assert itself at some point. They haven't been in the conference very long, so you have to imagine that if somebody decides to go nuts and reconstitute the SWC those Aggies are out the door.
  • Vanderbilt. One of these things is not like the others. Vanderbilt has a long and distinguished history as a part of the Southeastern Conference, among the schools which founded the conference in 1932. But the private research university has always been a little different from the public flagship and land grant schools among its conference coevals. Would you really be that surprised if at some point they take their Chardonnay and decamp to the Big Ten to have degree-prestige arguments at tailgates with Northwestern alums?
  • LSU. Again, those Louisianans have always been a little different. There's that whole Napoleonic Code deal. The non-traditional protein choices. Actually caring enough to contribute significant resources to baseball. I mean who ARE these people?
  • Alabama. What percentage of Alabama football fans think they would win the NFC East anyhow?
  • Auburn. Actually this is more a suggestion for somebody we could kick out.
I'd love to hear your suggestions for which schools might assert their own independence. Drop those and the rationale for why they might "SEC-xit" in the comments.