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Georgia pulls off a minor football scheduling miracle.

Georgia schedules a non-conference football game against an FCS opponent which is unique in the entire college football firmament.

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The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia agreed this week to play a game all the way out in 2020 against an FCS opponent. That in and of itself hardly seems like news. The Bulldogs, like most major college football programs, often find themselves playing teams from the next division down for fun and exercise.

But Georgia has done something that very few other schools have ever managed to pull off. A scheduling unicorn, if you will. Georgia has scheduled East Tennessee State. Why is that significant? It's not because ETSU started playing football again in 2015 after a hiatus. It isn't because the Buccaneers are coached by immaculately-coifed former North Carolina coach Carl Torbush.

It's because East Tennessee State is building a new stadium and the co-chair of the stadium is none other than East Tennessee State alumnus Kenny Chesney.

That's right. Georgia will be playing a football game against the team Kenny Chesney has actually supposed to have been rooting for this whole time. All those years rooting for the 36 or so other teams which have claimed his heart have come down to this.

We'll see you in Athens, Kenny.

No date has yet been set for the thrilling 2020 matchup between the 'Dawgs and Buccaneers. No word yet on whether Greg McGarity had to agree with Chesney to play a return engagement in the British Virgin Islands.