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Free Form Friday: Your favorite Bulldog not named Herschel

Allen Steele/Getty Images

Maestro, the music:

This is Free Form Friday, the island of misfit posts where we talk about things that aren't always totally, strictly college sports related. This week's topic, should you choose to accept it, is a simple one. Who is your favorite Georgia Bulldog player of all time, and why?

There is of course one caveat: you cannot choose Herschel Walker. A capricious limitation? Sure. But a necessary one. Because once you start asking yourself who the greatest Bulldog is and you take #34 out of the equation a world of possible answers open up. Heck, there are probably a dozen tailbacks alone who could claim your vote depending on your frame of reference. For me, Tim Worley and Lars Tate will always be special because I was too young to remember Herschel in college (though I did get to see him in the USFL and NFL). Those guys were my introduction to the big, bruising running back. It was a good introduction.

I've always also been a huge D.J. Shockley fan. Remember, Shockley signed as part of Mark Richt's first class in Athens with no guarantee of what Richt would be able to build.  He then sat behind David Greene as Greene became the winningest QB in college football history. Shockley then turned in the most statistically efficient season a Bulldog passer had ever had.

Defensively, guys like Richard Tardits, Champ Bailey, and David Pollack have left their mark in the Classic City. There's Hines Ward and Theron Sapp and Bill Stanfill and my goodness this could get out of hand. But we're doing it anyway. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!