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Other stuff of which Kirby Smart is not a fan: A Dawg Sports exclusive.

Fullbacks are just one of the things on the new Georgia coach's list of dislikes.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you’ve heard by now, last week Kirby Smart proclaimed at a summer speaking engagement that he’s "not a fullback guy". Smart noted that if you look around the SEC you won’t find a lot of scholarship players at the position. You will find a lot of guys who got moved from tight end. And some more offensive linemen who have good feet but never put on enough weight to play up front. It’s like the Island of Misfit Toys, but with a better meal plan.

I can’t say I blame Smart. Heck, even under Mark Richt Buldog football has seen returns just as good or better using walk-on (and former walk-on) fullbacks as scholarship guys. J.T. Wall and Verron Haynes for example were instrumental to Richt’s rebuilding of the Georgia football program. It’s also worth noting that I’m more of an H-back, "flex back" guy myself. I want to see guys who can line up either on or off the line of scrimmage, who can block and catch, and I don’t really care what you call them. Jeb Blazevich by any other name is still a guy we need to use more than Brian Schott-in-the-dark did in 2015. There's no real controversy there.

What I think requires additional attention are the other items Smart mentioned not being a fan of. Obviously many other writers covering the team didn’t find these "noteworthy" or "relevant" or "stuff Kirby Smart actually said" enough to put in the stories they filed. Nope, that’s where we come in. So I’d like to provide you some of the items Smart also disavowed during his recent Bulldog Club speech in Columbus.

Cargo shorts: Said Smart "Not a fan. Who wants to have to reach halfway to their knees to fish stuff out of those pockets? You know anybody who can do that without looking like a goober? I don’t. Plus if you put anything heavy in them your pants fall down and that’s embarrassing and you have to stop to pull them up and I don’t have time for that crap. Also if you put your keys in them you jingle, and John Wayne was the last man who didn't look like a putz jingling when he walked."

Whoppers: "Just a poor idea poorly executed. Let’s take milk chocolate, which is hard to screw up, and fill it with sweetened chalk. Not a genius move."

Kroger: "I just think Publix has higher quality produce and if you shop at IGA at least there’s a little character there. Kroger just doesn’t have an identity, man. Whether you’re a supermarket or a football team you gotta find your identity."

The Revenant: "If I wanted to spend three hours watching some pretty boy wrestle with a pissed off bear there’s hours of practice tapes from the Joe Namath era in Tuscaloosa I could have perused."

Vampire Weekend: "So a bunch of British prep school kids went on a gap year and discovered Afropop and Samba. It’s just not an aesthetic I find interesting. It’s more than a little vapid, really."

We will keep an ear to the ground for more items on Kirby Smart's personal dos and don'ts list for a well-lived life.  Until later....

Go 'Dawgs!!!