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98 reasons it's great to be a Bulldog: #95-Allen's burgers and 25 cent beer

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

College students tend to like their food filling, greasy, and served in close proximity to cheap beer. Those of you who remember Allen's in Normaltown understand that the famous little burger joint had that recipe down pat.

The sticky, greasy original location was where Georgia Governor Zell Miller flipped burgers while a student at UGA, where Lewis Grizzard often stopped for a meal that a guy with a chronic heart condition probably shouldn't have touched, and where you could see members of R.E.M., Widespread Panic, and the B-52's among other famous musicians. Everybody at Allen's was seemingly either hungry, hungover, or headed toward a hangover, regardless of wealth or station in life. A good dive joint is an egalitarian place, and Allen's was among the best. Somewhere in my closet is still an Allen's teeshirt which I wore across most of the eastern U.S. and to at least two foreign countries. I'll treasure it always.