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WATCH: Why Elijah Holyfield Chose Georgia

Big-time running back with the famous name can't wait to play in Athens.

Fans will instantly recognize the name of one of the Georgia Bulldogs' newest running backs.

Elijah "Yes that Holyfield" Holyfield is a 4-star running back who will enroll at UGA this fall. He's the son of legendary boxer Evander Holyfield, but the Woodward Academy product is looking to become a star in his out right via the Georgia backfield.

Above, he conduct a quick interview with Chip Towers of DawgNation about his upcoming UGA career. Elijah plans to wear No. 13, will move to Athens in two weeks and chose Georgia in large part because it's his home state school.

Holyfield plans to major in economics and will also enroll in school starting with the summer semester. He idolizes Knowshon Moreno, and hopefully plays like him too.