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Vegas Projects Georgia to Win 8.5 Games in 2016

Over or under?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas has released its 2016 college football over/under win totals, so we can all now speculate whether or not the Georgia Bulldogs and other teams will win more or less than the given number.

For UGA, it's 8.5 wins, so anyone actually betting is guaranteed to either win or lose. It's especially tricky for the 'Dawgs this season as they break in a first-head head coach and potentially a true freshman quarterback in Jacob Eason. You can check out more over/unders here, but a few notables are Alabama (9.5 wins), Clemson (10 wins), Tennessee (10 wins), Florida (8 wins), Ole Miss (7.5 wins) and Auburn (7 wins).

Since it's Free Form Friday, let us know: Over or Under?