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Details of 'Bama DL coach Bo Davis's dismissal, violations emerging

As is so often the case, it's the cover up not the crime that seems to have gotten the veteran Saban assistant in the end.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

You may recall that on Thursday, amidst all the drama surrounding Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss, gas mask bongs, and Kirby Smart making s'mores with Jim Harbaugh, word also came out that Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis would be resigning over some sort of recruiting improprieties. 'Crimson Tide fans began to worry. Auburn fans began to celebrate. Ole Miss fans continued to deny EVERYTHING.

In the end, it looks like the Tide really may not have much to worry about. Matt Zenitz of reported over the weekend that Davis appears to have made trips to see out-of-state recruits during a no-contact period. That's a no-no. But Zenitz reports that none of the recruits in question signed to play at the Capstone, and it sounds as if Alabama cooperated with the NCAA when the issue was brought to its attention.

Davis, not so much. Zenitz is reporting that Davis denied the allegations but was confronted with the evidence and ultimately agreed to resign. I'm a lawyer, dear reader. But I'm not YOUR lawyer, comprende? If I were your lawyer, or Bo Davis's lawyer, this is where i would remind you that it's not the crime that you go to prison for, it's the cover up that follows. If you're a college football coach you don't lie to the NCAA, unless your bosses tell you to. And even then you don't lie to your bosses. Unless it's so they can maintain plausible deniability. Clear enough? Good. I'm glad we didn't have this talk that I'll deny recalling later.

In the end the most significant aspect of this story for Crimson Tide rivals is not the specter of NCAA sanctions (there won't be any), but the specter of losing whatever defensive line coach Nick Saban decides he has time to summon to Tuscaloosa. Georgia fans, for example, might want to be just a little worried in that regard as Tracy Rocker would show up on any list of qualified potential candidates. He's an ace recruiter, he's very familiar with (and to the football community in) Alabama, and he's coached Jeremy Pruitt's defensive line before. Reports have Saban tapping former Buffalo Bills D-line coach Karl Dunbar for the job, but nothing's been confirmed yet. So feel free to fret if you'd like until that becomes official. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!