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Tuesday evening practice notes: Banged up linemen and satellite camps

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If it's Tuesday then Kirby Smart is press conferencing. A few notes regarding the state of Bulldog football.

  • Defensive lineman Daquan Hawkins missed practice today with an MCL injury that may keep him out for the remainder of the spring. If you're keeping track, his fellow sophomore defensive lineman Michael Barnett is also missing the remainder of the spring with an MCL injury. While both are expected to be back for fall camp, the numbers on the defensive front are starting to get a bit thin with G Day coming up.
  • Coach Smart says that Georgia will have a plan regardless of the outcome of the upcoming NCAA vote on satellite camps. Later this month the camps will either be banned or the SEC will get with the trend and allow league schools to take part. Smart was coy about where he and his coaches might go if they could, telling the assembled media they'd "see soon enough." If I'm guessing, I'd just imagine south Florida would be a must. But Texas might be another intriguing destination. And if Smart talks a high school coach in Michigan into allowing him on campus for a couple of days to give the middle finger to the latest Michigan coach who can't beat Ohio State, well, that would be fine.
  • Isaiah Wynn saw time at left tackle and Lamont Gaillard worked at right guard during practice in moves that Smart characterized as being about building depth. With key contributors like John Theus and Kolton Houston out the door, it's not a bad idea to mix and match some parts and see what works.
If you were Kirby Smart, now that you've offered half the team at IMG Academy, where would you be launching satellite camps?