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2016 NFL Draft: Jordan Jenkins brings toughness to the Jets

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Jenkins became the second Bulldog off the board in the 2016 draft this evening when the Jets made him the 83rd pick in tonight's second round.

While his linebacking unit mate Leonard Floyd is a pure pass rusher, Jenkins is more of a well-rounded outside linebacker. The 6'3, 260 pound Jenkins isn't the best linebacker in the country against the run, but he's well above average. He sets the edge and has long arms and strong hands for directing blockers. Jenkins is also thick in the lower body and doesn't give up ground once he's gotten behind his hips.

As a pass rusher Jenkins' sack totals have never been impressive, but they've also never told the full story of his impact. While Jenkins doesn't have the moves and pure speed going to the quarterback that Floyd does, he uses his strength to collapse blockers into the pocket and disrupt quarterbacks without always getting a hand on them. Jordan Jenkins isn't flashy as a pass rusher. He doesn't look like the prototypical, 6'6, 260 pound speed rusher. He's kind of stumpy, and not the fastest guy on the board. But with strength and a nose for the ball, Jenkins gets the job done.

I imagine Jenkins will fit well at strong side linebacker for the Jets and should be a candidate to take snaps immediately. He's smart, he's a notoriously hard worker, and perhaps most important he's one tough S.O.B.