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Does Alabama have a recruiting scandal of its own?

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You could be forgiven for missing it with all the drafting, and gas mask bong ripping, and NCAA violation admitting that went on last night. But it appears that Alabama may have a bit of a scandal of its own. Reports out of Tuscaloosa have the Tide dismissing defensive line coach Bo Davis following an internal investigation into recruiting issues.

No real details are available, but it's relatively unusual to see a coach terminated under these circumstances unless it's for a repeat offense or a pretty bad transgression. Especially one of Davis's caliber. He's a longtime Saban staffer who's molded the likes of Da'Shawn Hand, Jarran Reed, and A'Shawn Robinson into stellar players. He's also been responsible for recruiting many Tide stars, which may now be the issue.

Say what you may about Nick Saban's prickly demeanor and perceived ruthlessness, but the guy's done a great job steering clear of the NCAA. The same can't be said for the University of Alabama, which has spent its share of time on probation. It sounds as if Alabama was proactive, or at least cooperative, in whatever this thing was.So that may keep the Tide on the right side of the gang in Indianapolis.

A larger question for Georgia fans may be whether the folks in Tuscaloosa and Indy have talked or will talk to Davis's former supervisor Kirby Smart. Smart likewise comes to Athens with a clean bill of health from the NCAA. It would be nice to keep it that way. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!