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Leonard Floyd is a Chicago Bear

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As it turns out, Leonard Floyd did not have to wait very long to hear his name called in tonight's NFL draft. With the ninth  selection in the first round, the Bears traded up to make the Georgia linebacker their top overall pick.

We talked about the pros and cons in Floyd's game at length in this space, but suffice it to say if the Windy City gang want an upgrade in athleticism on their defense they just got it.  it's worth noting that some of the same criticisms levelled against Floyd's game were also applied to Justin Houston when he came out of Athens. I think we can all agree that has turned out pretty well. Floyd may never develop into a stalwart run defender but could be strong enough in the pass rush game to justify the pick. Congratulations to one of our favorite Eastmaniacs!

Go 'Dawgs!!!