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Kirby Smart Talks Coming Back to Georgia, Recruiting in ESPN Interview

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"There aren't many chances you get to go to a top-10 program."

The "new" is starting to wear off of Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart as he gets settled into the role and fans grow accustomed to a Mark Richt-less program.

In the above interview, which you can also watch at this link, Smart sits down with former teammate and ESPN personality Matt Stinchcomb.

The first question is obvious: Why Georgia?

"First of all, it's a top-10 job," Smart says. "It's a great opportunity at a place that I played and I cared so much about. It was an awesome opportunity. There aren't many chances you get to go to a top-10 program with an unbelievable recruiting base, a great president and great AD that will allow you to be successful."

Smart also cites Georgia's strong academics and his own history here. Patience played a role as well.

"I think the patience paid off for me," Smart says. "Some opportunities came along, but I knew I was in a great situation at the University of Alabama and that we were going to be able to win. We were going to be a strong program. You learn as an assistant coach, you learn from the head coach you work for and I was very fortunate to do that."

On what he learned from working with Nick Saban, Smart says it's the development of young men. It's about spending time with them, teaching them on and off the field and teaching them as men. Recruiting well, not surprisingly, is also important.

"We've also recruited well," he says. "We all know that's the lifeline of a program. You've got to do a good job in the recruiting process. I've learned that's a year-round experience. You can't let one day go by that you're not constantly pursuing great players, great student-athletes in recruiting."

While Georgia has always recruited well, Smart feels the key to getting beyond 10 wins a season is building depth in the offensive and defensive lines.

Stinchcomb then brings out the elephant in the room: Who's going to be UGA's quarterback this fall?

"That's a great question, I don't think we'll know that for a while," Smart says. "This is a work in progress and we're taking every two-minute situation, we're taking every coming-out situation, every third down situation. We're seeing how they respond to adversity, what happens when they throw a pick, what happens when they make a bad decision, who can get the offense lined up. Who would it be? I think only the future knows that."