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Malcolm Mitchell is about to make you proud again

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is coming up next weekend, and as usual, we'll be here the whole time covering it from a UGA/SEC-centric angle. Malcolm Mitchell will be looking to hear his name called, along with a ton of other former Bulldogs. He'll be hoping that teams pay attention to the senior season which saw him remain on the field rather than the injury-prone campaigns that came before. And that scouts understand that there's really only so much you can do when it seems that your offensive coordinator is actively working to cast you and your teammates into obscurity.

I don't know if Malcolm Mitchell will be drafted, or where. But I know that Malcolm Mitchell is going to be a success in life even if the NFL doesn't pan out. I'm glad that yet another national media outlet is taking notice of his tireless work to promote literacy.

Malcolm Mitchell is one of my favorite recent Georgia Bulldogs. For starters he's made more than few clutch plays from his receiver spot. Heck, you could fill a nice highlight reel with just the back shoulder comeback throws he caught from Aaron Murray. Beyond that, if you ever get to talk to him you come away impressed with what a humble, respectful, and thankful young man he is. I find that as I get a little older that actually means something to me.

Finally, when you consider how publicly he's talked about his own struggles with literacy, and you consider the zeal with which he's attacked helping others, you just can't help but admire it. If half of us committed this much time and effort to one worthy cause by the time we were twice Malcolm's age, the world would be a much better place. Go get 'em, Malcolm. And . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!