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Georgia adds UMass to football and basketball schedules

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Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia announced this morning that the Bulldogs will host UMass at Sanford Stadium on November 17, 2018. Interestingly UGA will also travel to Amherst to play the Minutemen in basketball in 2017-2018 before hosting them in Athens for a return engagement the following season.

We’re seeing more of these multi-sport scheduling deals these days, which are a good way for schools like UMass to leverage their football programs for other sports. The odds of Georgia traveling to UMass for a basketball game would have been much better when the Minutemen were a perennial hoops power. Since that’s no longer the case, the gang from Amherst has to get creative if they want to bring Power 5 schools to town. Tying that up with a football cupcake game is probably a good way to solve two problems at once.

The football game starts the process of filling in the Bulldogs’ non-conference schedule for 2018. Georgia will face Florida as the putative home team in Jacksonville on October 27th, and Georgia Tech on November 24th in Athens. Other than that things are still surprisingly wide open. The ‘Dawgs will get Auburn, Tennessee and Vanderbilt at home, meaning that there’s still a spot to fill on the home ledger. With games against Notre Dame scheduled for 2017 and 2019 I wouldn’t hold my breath for that last slot to be filled by a big time opponent.