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Demetris Robertson announcement appears imminent, totally unpredictable.

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Savannah Christian standout Demetris Robertson has been an ongoing mystery for fans and coaches alike, changing visit dates and apparent leaders on a dime. He's continued his recruitment past the point at which other 2016 prospects are on campus and actually done with their first spring practices. He's signed not one, not two, but three sets of financial aid paperwork with three different schools, none of which is the one for whom he's said he's postponed his decision to get a better test score.

And now it may finally be coming to an end. Sports Illustrated reported Monday that Robertson will announce his decision on May 2nd at a ceremony at his school. Robertson has signed financial aid agreements with Georgia, Cal, and Georgia Tech. He's taken official visits to those schools plus Notre Dame, and it's presumed that his choice will be one of those four schools. Robertson has retaken the SAT several times in order to secure a score that would qualify him for admission to Stanford, but he's still not actually taken a visit to Palo Alto.

Robertson was also committed to Alabama as a junior but appears to have eliminated the Crimson Tide. Notre Dame sent its equipment truck to Savannah to greet Robertson when he stared out of his window. Kirby Smart took advantage of the loophole provided by Robertson signing financial aid paperwork with Georgia to talk about the five star receiver openly in press conferences and to wish him a happy birthday on social media.

In short, there are circuses that would need to set up extra rings to contain Demetris Robertson's recruitment.

Robertson recently made an official visit to Athens after postponing that visit repeatedly, so many times that many Georgia fans had given up and assumed it wouldn't happen. But when Robertson did make it to Athens it was the only visit his mother joined him for. While Demetris's brother Carlos has been the spokesperson for his brother's magical mystery tour, never underestimate Mama's influence.

If there is a favorite in this saga, it's probably Georgia. The home state school tends to be tougher to high school players to leave as the time to do so gets closer. Kirby Smart also has immediate playing time up for grabs, a freshman quarterback who looks to be among the best in the nation by 2017, and a ton of program momentum coming out of his #93kDay spring game triumph. But I don't think anyone can reasonably say that they know what Demetris Robertson's going to do. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!