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One G Day stat that will make you more depressed about Brian Schottenheimer's offense, and excited about Jim Chaney's

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The Georgia Bulldogs spent a solid two hours on Saturday reminding fans that this is a new era in the Classic City. There were plenty of reminders. The overflow crowd which convincingly broke the SEC attendance record for a spring game was probably the first clue. The sight of Jacob Eason flinging the ball around was another.

But for me, the most convincing proof that it's a new day in Athens was the fact that Isaac Nauta caught six passes on Saturday. And Jackson Harris caught seven. And Jordan Davis caught two. The top player on the depth chart, Jeb Blazevich suited up but didn't catch any balls on the day. Still the fifteen passes thrown to tight ends on Saturday was over half of the twenty eight caught by tight ends in all of 2015. Thirteen games. Twenty eight receptions. Think about that.

Georgia, starting a guy new to the offense and new to the SEC, managed to get the ball to the position which is naturally designed to be a quarterback's safety blanket less than 2.5 times per game last season.

Jim Chaney is known not so much for his offensive philosophy as for the fact that his philosophy is to use the personnel he happens to have. And he's got tons of tight end talent right now. On paper Blazevich, Harris, Nauta, and Davis are as good a unit as any in the country. And that's before freshman Charlie Woerner, a consensus national top 100 player, even gets to campus.

I don't want to get too excited about the possibilities. After all, Brian Schottenheimer said all the right things about using the tight end, then went out of his way to actually do all the wrong ones. But there's no denying that the pieces are in place for Georgia to regain its "Tight End U" title. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!