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Recruit Reaction To G Day: Big crowd and Jacob Eason both impressed.

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Saturday's G Day game was obviously a huge hit with fans and seems to have been a big boost for the players. But part of the reason for Kirby Smart's push for 93,000 fans was because the game is also a perennially huge recruiting event. Did the recruits on hand enjoy the festivities? Judging by social media reaction,m the answer is a resounding "yes."

Four star Pace Academy offensive tackle Andrew Thomas weighed in:

2016 commit Tyler Simmons out of McEachern was on hand to watch some of the early enrollees in his class show out. He wasn't alone:

Class of 2017 offensive tackle Caleb Chandler out of Jefferson is a prospect who's seen his stock rise this spring.

Alabama middle linebacker KJ Britt was back in Athens for the second time this spring.

Tailback Brian Herrien is waiting to find out if he'll qualify for admission to UGA, but it seems safe to say he felt at home there this Saturday.

2017 Pace Academy wide receiver Trey Blount, who named Georgia his leader after his visit Saturday.

Fellow four star receiver Jeremiah Holloman was likewise impressed, and has also named Georgia his leader.

Heck, even other schools' signees enjoyed themselves.

Saturday was a big day for Kirby Smart and the whole UGA athletic program. The folks in Butts-Mehre wanted to generate excitement around the football program, and the overflow, conference-record breaking crowd was a good indication that they succeeded. But another part of that strategy was convincing recruits, the caliber of recruit who can get this program over the hump, that Georgia can become a powerhouse. That the fans behind the program are still, in fact, behind the program. The tweets above are a great indicator of how that part of the plan went.