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Coach Smart's Post-game Press Conference Notes

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A few thoughts on Coach Smart's post-game remarks:

  • Substitution of "groves" for "droves" aside, he's right that this was a huge show of support for the new staff. Attendance at spring games doesn't win football games, but when you double the prior record for attendance that's something special.
  • Coach Smart is also correct that this game has the potential to make a huge impact on recruiting. We'll have more on this later today, but suffice it to say that many of the dozens of blue chip recruits in attendance seem to have had a great time.
  • Also, like Coach Smart, I have a hard time crediting the passing stats from this one too much given that the defense rarely blitzed and the packages themselves were pretty vanilla.
  • D'Andre Walker though.
  • I cannot express strongly enough my glee over Coach Smart's mantra that no one in his program should be comfortable. That strikes me as a tectonic cultural shift for this program.
  • While Smart is correct that Georgia needs to be stronger and more physical up front. That being said, I thought the offensive line did a pretty good job of getting a push up front. Their pass blocking however remains a work in progress. But then that is what the summer is for.
  • It is a heckuva long drive from Bainbridge to Athens.
  • Smart described Jacob Eason as having the classic freshman QB dilemma, throwing some of the prettiest spirals you've ever seen right to the other team. But his potential is undeniable. At a point in the not so distant future Eason's going to have better control of his decisions and it's going to be tough to keep him off the field. You can hear Coach Smart's full presser below thanks to Radi Nabulsi of
Go 'Dawgs!

Kirby Smart Post-Game Presser from Radi Nabulsi on Vimeo.