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Thursday Practice Roundup: Rochester and Clay back, Chubb's knee brace gone.

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Players back at practice, a solidifying offensive line rotation, and Nick Chubb looking more and more like his superhuman self highlighted Thursday's practice in Athens.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Ludacris was not at practice this afternoon in Athens. I don't know if Greg McGarity asked him to be there or not. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown, Thomas Rhett, and Thelonius Monk were also absent from practice.

But then again so, at least for a time, was Nick Chubb's knee brace. And that's probably the biggest news of the day.

Chubb shed his knee brace for a second day in a row and participated in more individual drills, a sign that he's slowly but surely being allowed to put more strain on that knee. Obviously it's a long road from running non-contact drills with no brace to playing live action SEC football with no brace, and an even longer road to playing SEC football with no knee brace and no discernible pain and swelling. But this is just another reminder that if adamantium is to be found in nature the best place to look for it is probably on or in Nick Chubb's body.

As you can also see in Radi Nabulsi's video Shaq Wilson continues to work at tailback. With fullback Nick Moore having moved to the position then getting injured, this may be a move predicated on depth. But it's also worth noting that while Georgia's still looking for proven playmakers at Wilson's usual position of wide receiver, there are more bodies there than at tailback. Making the move permanent might not be a bad move if Wilson is looking for more playing time.

Freshmen Julian Rochester and Chad Clay were back at practice following Monday night's incident involving a bb gun and damage to their dorm room.

Also returning was the offensive line rotation which has been in place for the last few practices, with Isaiah Wynn anchoring the left tackle spot. Dyshon Sims is working at left guard, Brandon Kublanow remains at center, Lamont Gaillard is lining up at right guard, and Greg Pyke remains in his accustomed right tackle spot. Wynn started out 2015 at guard before moving out to left tackle during the final five games of the season. We now know that may have been a result of John Theus battling a shoulder injury.

Coach Smart lauded Wynn as the best offensive lineman the Bulldogs have a few weeks ago, describing him as the "bricks and mortar" of the offensive line group. At the time Smart wanted to keep Wynn at guard, but it's looking more and more like he may be need on the blind side of whichever signal caller ultimately wins the Dawgs' starting QB job.