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Ludacris to perform prior to Georgia's "G Day" game

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Kevin D. Liles-USA TODAY Sports

First there was a concert. Then there wasn't a concert. Now it appears once again that there will be a brief musical interlude before tomorrow's G Day game.  The official Georgia football Twitter account posted this cryptic tweet a few moments ago, and officials with the athletic association have posted more definitive social media announcements since.

I'm a big Ludacris fan. I like even more that he has been an active presence at Bulldog sporting events over the years.  But I have to admit that this whole thing seems to have been somewhat mishandled from the get-go. If Ludacris had been announced as the musical opener two weeks ago and without equivocation this would be an absolute homerun. Now, I expect that we will see social media jokes about whether or not the 15 minute mini-show is actually happening right up until he takes the stage. If he's late, because for example his time and his clothes have to coordinate, woo boy, is that gonna be a tight window. In the end, if 75,000 plus people show up, I don't expect the folks in Butts-Mehre will care how they got there.