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Introducing the Dawg Sports Store: Quality Gear for Bulldog Fans

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We'll return you to your regularly scheduled UGA sports talk momentarily. But first, a little announcement.

If you're like me you wear your Georgia Bulldog fandom on your sleeve. Now, we'd like to help you wear it on the your back, too. We're proud to partner with the folks at Gameday Depot to introduce a new line of shirts just in time for spring.

Gameday Depot provides quality apparel, printed on demand so that you get your stuff without delay, and without paying for inventory costs. We've been looking to add something like this to the site for a while, but quite frankly we value your patronage too much to use just anybody for the job. We think you'll be pleased with the quality and service provided by Gameday Depot. I've already ordered from them and can assure you they're good people who do great work. I'm particularly excited about this offering.

In addition to the stylish Dawg Sports logo teeshirt, we've also got the original "Smart Guy" and "Smart Girl" teeshirts.This teeshirt allows you to both proclaim your fandom and, in true Dawg Sports fashion, display your "That guy/That girl" credentials. I regret only that there's not an Oxford comma to be placed. I've ordered mine and hope you will, too. Heck, grab one for your neighbor. Just don't buy one for Nick Chubb, and for the love of God don't pay him to sign yours. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!