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Dawg Sports bracket challenge: celebrating the winners.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've all recovered from last Monday night's unbelievable finale, it's time to revisit the bracket competition we started these many weeks ago. Before Villanova cut down the nets. Before Syracuse's surprising run. Before a thousand crying Jordans were unleashed.

The big winner was IngvyM, who looks suspiciously like GlimmerTwinDawg. Ingvy got North Carolina and Oklahoma making it to the Final Four correct, among 39 of 63 games picked correctly.

Runner-up Ryan (proprietor of the cleverly named "Billy Donavan's Underpants" bracket) also picked the Heels and Sooners to be in the semifinals, but picked one single game less correctly. Still, picking 60% of tournament games correctly is something most people couldn't match. Great job, Underpants.

Finally, Anthony and his "Parrots Don't Play Basketball" bracket finished third with a solid performance. The margin at the top was pretty thin, and Anthony's was a great effort as well. Really, he was one or two picks away from the crown.

So feel free to take a victory lap in the comments. Until next year, you've earned it. And you can view the full results here.

Go 'Dawgs!!!