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All-American Plaudits for Gym Dog Seniors

You get selected as an All American, you dab. It's a rule, really.
You get selected as an All American, you dab. It's a rule, really.
Emily Selby/UGA Sports Communications

The  National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches / Women (NACGC/W) announced their regular season All-American awards today, and all 3 of the seniors on Georgia's gymnastics team were rewarded for their regular season results with places on the First Team and/or Second Team list.

First Team NACGC/W All-Americans: Brittany Rogers (Vault, Uneven Bars), Brandie Jay (Vault)

Second Team NACGC/W All-Americans: Brandie Jay (All-Around), Mary Beth Box (Balance Beam, Floor Exercise)

As is usually the case for rankings and awards in college gymnastics, the selections were made based on the mathematical RQS rating, with the top 8 gymnasts in each apparatus (and the All-Around) taking First Team honors, and the next 8 gymnasts taking Second Team honors.

This is a fine honor for all 3 of our seniors, and I don't want to take away from their achievements, but it's telling that all of our gymnasts earning this honor this year are seniors. With the exception of freshman Sydney Snead (who wasn't given the most difficult routines to perform, so her scores weren't high enough to qualify for these awards), pretty much all of our underclassmen have had disappointing seasons. There have been 9.9's here and there, and hopefully a few of them are pulling it together just in time at the end of the season, but our biggest and best leaders on this team are leaving at the end of this season. That's cause for concern for next year, especially.

But that's more of a concern for the postseason wrap-up, really, whenever that happens.  Today, we congratulate our seniors for doing a great job and earning these All-American honors.  Congratulations, seniors! And...

Go Dawgs!