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Georgia vs. Kentucky in the SEC Semifinals: Let's do this again.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This goes here:

Because when you're drawing up a game-winning, season-extending shot you always want the ball in the hands of Dave Bliss. Because apparently playing two basketball games in one day is some sort of human rights violation. Because jumping walls, scooting through fence holes, and forging press credentials/security badges to get into a basketball game are all required courses in the Kentucky high school curriculum. And because the Red and Black still somehow do not have a win over an RPI top 50 team this season.

Georgia is obviously a decided underdog to the Bluegrass State Felines in this afternoon's 3:00 p.m. SEC tournament semifinal (TV: SEC Network, Radio: Bulldog Network). That being said, the best thing about March basketball is that in one game, on one day, anything can happen. The 'dawns and Wildcats are the only two league teams who have made the last three tournament semifinals. I freely admit I haven't looked it up, but if Georgia's ever made the conference tournament semifinals three years running I don't remember it. Admittedly some of that is the modern multi-bye format. But still, it's an impressive sign of progress for the program.

If Georgia wins this one and advances to face the winner of Texas A&M and LSU I expect it will be because they played the brand of defense we've come to count on from this scrappy squad, and because of some opportunistic shooting. As we saw last night, getting to the free throw line wouldn't hurt, but that's typically an issue against the Wildcats (no idea why).

For Mark Fox's team the surest path to the NCAA Tournament is to cut down the nets in Nashville. Win and you're in. If things end today it looks more like a quality season that shows that Georgia now has a consistently good basketball team, if not a great one. Let's avoid having to parse those distinctions. Let's beat Kentucky.

Go 'Dawgs!!!