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SEC Tournament Quarterfinal: Can Georgia put the hat trick on the Gamecocks?

Georgia takes on South Carolina at around 9:25 on the SEC Network looking to win their third contest against South Carolina on the season.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia will take on South Carolina tonight in the SEC tournament with the chance to move on and face #2 seed Kentucky in the balance.

The Gamecocks will take the floor without senior forward Michael Carrera, out with a hip injury. Carrera's 15 points and 8 rebounds per game position him as South Carolina's top threat, and while you hate to see a young man miss a big game as a senior, Mark Fox probably doesn't hate not having to account for him a third time this season. Georgia won both regular-season meetings between these two teams, but I must confess, the thought of beating a good basketball team like Frank Martin's squad three times in one season sounds pretty daunting. At some point, the law of averages tends to catch up to you. Let's hope tonight is not that night for the Red and Black.