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Mecole Hardman the right pickup for Georgia football.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You don't sign the #7 class in the country without picking up more than one impact player. So choosing one member of the Bulldog class of 2016 who could be the biggest difference maker for the 'Dawgs is a daunting task. But the folks at Enterprise challenged us to name the player who is the right pickup for Georgia football, and after some thought, I've decided to give the nod to Elbert County cornerback/receiver Mecole Hardman.

Again, there were other great candidates. Quarterback Jacob Eason is an obvious candidate. Tight end Isaac Nauta is arguably the best in the nation at his position, and big Julian Rochester could make a big impact from day one.

But Hardman may be the only player in Georgia's signing class who could contribute in all three phases of the game. He's an electric kick returner, a physical corner, and a dangerous receiver, especially after the catch. Hardman's primary weapon is speed. You can teach technique. You can build comfort in the team's system. But you can't teach speed, and

Hardman will be among the fastest Bulldogs on the field from day one. Kirby Smart's challenge will be figuring out how to use that gift, bringing Hardman along slowly enough to not overwhelm the freshman, allowing him to play fast and loose but within the team framework. I'd expect Hardman definitely gets a look in the kicking game. The real question will be whether Hardman starts out on offense or defense. The fact that he's an option on both is the best indication of why the versatile speedster was such a huge pickup.

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