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Georgia strength coach Aaron Feld is taking attendance for G Day. Don't disappoint Coach Feld.

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Kirby Smart's goal of getting 93,000 Georgia Bulldog fans to G Day on April 16th has been pretty well documented. But unless you're following a lot of folks affiliated with the program, you may not be aware of one of the more fantastic aspects of this drive. Aaron Feld, an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the 'Dawgs is a great guy to follow on Twitter. He'll occasionally drop a detail or two on offseason workouts. He's good for some motivation when you need it. And he's pretty dang funny. But he's also taken to counting the number of Bulldog fans who've committed to attend the spring game in a couple of months.

Now, I don't hold out great hope that Feld will get 93,000 RSVPs by the time the team takes the field on the Saturday following the Masters. For one, I'm not sure there are 93,000 total UGA fans actively using that particular social media platform. For another, I'm not sure all the Bulldog fans on Twitter have the dedication to follow the guy who's dedicated enough to be there every morning before the players show up for 5:45 workouts. And of course there's the possibility of some stragglers who say they're coming and then bail. We all know these people. You never count on them to bring the beer or the nugget tray to the tailgate. They suck.

But even if Feld only gets 2,452 reservations or 56,739 or whatever number he tallies, it's still a nice sign of the kind of enthusiasm Coach Smart has been trying to build. Good luck, Coach. And keep counting.

Go 'Dawgs!!!