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Hines Ward Says He'd Like to Coach for the Georgia Bulldogs

Could the 'Dawgs and Steelers legend head back to Athens?

Hines Ward is one of the biggest names for the Georgia Bulldogs from the 1990s. Starring alongside players like Robert Edwards, Mike Bobo and a defensive back named Kirby Smart, Ward made a name for himself in the SEC long before his famous run with the Pittsburgh Steelers (and Dancing with the Stars of course).

Now, Ward says he could be headed back to the college ranks as a UGA coach, or at least that he's interested. Multiple Atlanta media outlets interviewed Ward yesterday (you can see his interview with Fox 5 up top) and the possibility of coaching was one subject he covered.

"I wanted to help Kirby, and I wanted to help my university," he told the station's Rusty Mansell. "The one thing that irks me is we're losing great talent. To see the quarterback at Clemson leaving Gainesville to go there. It's like, 'what in the world?' I want to keep all our great talent in state."

It's not the first time Ward has mentioned coaching with Smart, bringing up the subject as far back as early December. It's safe to say Georgia fans would love to have him back in Athens.