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Bulldogs take to the road against Mississippi State

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After a demoralizing loss on Tuesday to the Kentucky Wildcats, Georgia has only seven more games to convince tournament voters that they deserve a trip to March Madness. The Bulldogs need wins by the handful, and their first shot to fill up the basket comes tonight in an 8 o'clock tip off against the Mississippi State Bulldogs on SEC Network.

The Bizarro Bulldogs (10-14, 3-8 SEC) look like a prime candidate for a rebound victory. Rudimentary math establishes that Georgia would have to win out in the regular season to achieve 20 wins, which would actually be a pretty impressive feat when you consider all that Mark Fox had to replace this season. I don't know that that goal is reasonable, but a series of solid victories headed into tournament play might put Georgia on the bubble with a little bit of help from their coevals. If nothing else, the Bulldogs are still playing for seating in the NIT. Bottom line, games like this one tonight count, and they could count in ways that we don't even quite know about yet. That's how late season college basketball works. Let's tip it off!

Go 'Dawgs!!!