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Monday ‘Dawg Bites: Blue suede shoes edition

Kansas State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Maestro, the Monday morning music:

Kirby Smart says that Georgia will find it hard to get in the full allotment of 15 bowl practices, which is okay because (and we say this every year) there’s actually no such thing as a 15 practice limit for bowl games. Kudos to Coach Smart for knowing this. I mean it's his job and all, but you can never go wrong counting on people to not know major components of their own jobs.

If Georgia gets in 12 solid practices, devoting 4 of them to the TCU Horned Frogs and 8 to developing and identifying the players who will help this team take a step forward in 2017, that’s fine by me. It’s essentially two and a half weeks we don't lose to other teams. In this era of bowl proliferation, it seems to me that bowl practices are less about surging ahead and more about not falling behind the other 77 schools participating.

Greg McGarity won’t promise that any of those practices will take place in the new indoor practice facility, but things are on scheduled for the building to be in use after the New Year. No word on if Jeremy Pruitt will unexpectedly come walking into the dedication ceremony to talk to the press, but I kind of hope so. For old times sake.

Chip Towers notes that Bulldog fans have every reason to count their blessings regarding a Liberty Bowl bid, as they could have easily ended up in Birmingham or Shreveport. Or playing Nebraska for the third time in five years. But as usual, if you’re a bettor, you’d probably be wise to factor in motivation along with the other more concrete factors in picking the winner of this one. Both the ‘Dawgs and ‘Frawgs (couldn’t resist) have reason to come out a little flat, and the team that manages to show up may well be the team that takes the crown.

SB Nation’s James Brady talks about how Matthew Stafford, in his eighth NFL season, is playing more dynamic football with the help of well-respected offensive coordinator and Tennessee alum Jim Bob Cooter. Yeah, I didn't necessarily see that one coming ten years ago, either.

That should get you started on this Monday morning. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!