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Let the “process” begin: A look at the roster as we head in to the new year *updated 1⁄3 at noon

Georgia v North Carolina
Why use this picture again? Why not?
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Math can be hard. After all, we don’t all need calculus for our degrees around here. But despite the protestations of some from North Avenue, math isn’t that hard. So with that in mind, let’s delve in to the math of Georgia football as we enter the home stretch of the 2017 recruiting season.

We get 25 spots in a class, and 85 spots on a roster. Georgia signed 22 last year, including Tyler Catalina as a grad transfer and late addition Brian Herrien (someone out there please correct my math if I’m wrong here, because the NCAA rule book sure doesn’t make this stuff simple). That means we can back count 3 early enrollees, and sign 28 in this class provided we can stay under 85 total at any one time (this includes during the spring and summer, which may have been part of the head bumping that led to Toneil Carter staying in Texas).

I’m trying to remove anyone who has already announced they are leaving the program, like Shaun McGee, Juwan Briscoe, Rico McGraw, or Shaq Wilson. But I am including walk-ons who have received substantial playing time and may or may not be able to be given a scholarship next fall. Now, we can safely assume that multiple others will soon follow the above quartet, but it does no good speculating on specific individuals until they announce their intentions (though I’m sure it will be done in the comments below). So with all that in mind, let’s start counting...

QB (3) - Brice Ramsey (sr), Jacob Eason (so), Jacob Fromm (fr)

RB (6)- Nick Chubb (sr), Sony Michel (sr), Christian Payne (sr), Brian Herrien (so), Elijah Holyfield (so), D’Andre Swift (fr)

WR (11) - Shankenneth Williams (sr), Javon Wims (sr), Michael Chigbu (jr), Terry Godwin (jr), Jayson Stanley (jr), Riley Ridley (so), Tyler Simmons (so), Trey Blount (fr), Jeremiah Holloman (fr), Matt Landers (fr), Mark Webb (fr)

TE (5) - Jeb Blazevich (sr), Jordan Davis (sr), Jackson Harris (jr), Isaac Nauta (so), Charlie Woerner (so)

OL (16) - Dyshon Sims (sr), Isaiah Wynn (sr), Kendall Baker (jr), Lamont Gaillard (jr), D’Marcus Hayes (jr), Pat Allen (so), Sage Hardin (so), Sam Madden (so), Chris Barnes (fr), Ben Cleveland (fr), D’ante Demery (fr), Netori Johnson (fr), Solomon Kindley (fr), Justin Shaffer (fr), Andrew Thomas (fr), Isaiah Wilson (fr)

DL (12) - John Atkins, (sr), Michael Barnett (jr), DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle (jr), Jonathon Ledbetter (jr), Trenton Thompson (jr), Michail Carter (so), Tyler Clark (so), David Marshall (so), Julian Rochester (so), Justin Young (so), Malik Herring (fr), Devante Wyatt (fr)

LB (17) - Davin Bellamy (sr), Lorenzo Carter (sr), Reggie Carter (sr), Keyon Brown (jr), Natrez Patrick (jr), Rashad Roundtree (jr), Roquan Smith (jr), Juwan Taylor (jr), D’Andre Walker (jr), Tae Crowder (so), Jaleel Laguins (so), Robert Beal (fr), Walter Grant (fr), Jaden Hunter (fr), Chauncey Manac (fr), Nate McBride (fr), Monty Rice (fr)

DB (13) - Aaron Davis (sr), Malkom Parrish (sr), Dominick Sanders (sr), Reggie Wilkerson (sr), Deandre Baker (jr), Jarvis Wilson (jr), Mecole Hardman (so), Tyrique McGhee (so), JR Reed (so), Tray Bishop (fr), Deangelo Gibbs (fr), Richard Lecounte (fr), William Poole (fr)

Specialists (3) - Rodrigo Blankenship (so), Marshall Long (so), Trent Frix (sr)

So that brings us to a just over count of 86 above (see below for adjustments in math). But again, remember I’m including at least 4 (JR Reed make it 5?) walk-ons that may or may not be given a scholarship come fall, or have their current scholarship renewed. And there’s several others that could easily decide to not remain on the roster between now and when spring semester ends, which could open up space for incoming recruits, rewarding those already mentioned and/or other walk-ons, or some combination of recruits and walk-ons. We are still pursuing players at WR and at all defensive positions to round out the current recruiting class, and have room for a potential 8 more on top of the current 20.

edited with thanks to fotodog to reflect the medical disqualification of OL Mirko Jurkovic last summer but mistakenly included in the original article. And to reflect Isaiah McKenzie’s going to the NFL. As well as commitments from Tray Bishop, Deangelo Gibbs, and Monty Rice, as well as departures of Kirby Choates and Aulden Bynum.