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Coach Beamer Fined by UGA for Wakeyleaks Involvement

NCAA Football: Southern at Georgia
Seriously McGarity? This is why I always think of you as McDoodyHead
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By now you’ve probably heard about the Wakeyleaks scandal out of wherever Wake Forest is based. As MaconDawg explained last week, essentially when Wake Forest Head Coach Dave Clawson was hired, long time WF player and assistant coach Tom Elrod was shall we say gracefully removed to the Color Broadcaster role. The problem with actions that look for all the world like demotions is they have a tendency to upset the people demoted. In this case, it seems Mr. Elrod was quite upset about the whole thing and decided to exact some measure of revenge by leaking proprietary football play type information to other teams starting in 2014. This leaking now includes a phone call Elrod made to Shane Beamer the night before the Wake Forest/Virginia Tech game in 2014.

In a statement released today by our beloved University Coach Beamer said:

“While at Virginia Tech, I was contacted by Tommy Elrod the night before our game against Wake Forest in 2014. I had known him for several years through coaching circles so I did not think it unusual he would be calling me. During these communications, however, he told me about a few plays that he said Wake Forest might run during the game on Saturday. I did not share this information with anyone, including our student-athletes, anyone on the coaching staff, or my father, nor did we use the information in the game.

“I realize I made a serious mistake in judgment by accepting the information and failing to notify officials at Virginia Tech of the communications. I sincerely apologize to Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, the ACC and the University of Georgia for my mistake. I am truly sorry.

“I am particularly remorseful to the extent my actions may have brought embarrassment to my family, and especially my Dad. Again, I apologize for my actions and have learned from my mistakes.”

Coach Smart & Athletic Director McGarity also released statements today. Coach Smart said:

“Last week, Shane informed me of his involvement regarding the 2014 Virginia Tech game against Wake Forest. While we do not condone this type of behavior, I appreciate Shane informing me and our administration of his involvement and respect the way in which he is accepting responsibility for his lapse in judgment.”

McGarity’s statement:

“It was disappointing to learn that one of our current staff members, Shane Beamer, was involved with the unfortunate situation at Wake Forest University in 2014. We have discussed this situation with Shane and he sincerely regrets this mistake in judgment. As a result of this activity, the UGA Athletic Association will withhold $25,000 from his compensation, in addition to issuing a letter of reprimand from the Athletic Director.

“Conduct of this nature is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Athletic Association. We will use this as an example to remind our coaches and staff of our high expectations of ethical behavior and sportsmanship.”

Maybe I’m in the minority here but my thoughts are: Did we seriously just fine and officially reprimand a man for answering his phone when an old colleague called and not telling the guy to quit disclosing information two years ago when he worked somewhere else? Essentially, that is the nature of the conduct Coach Beamer has expressly stated he is guilty of. Exactly which overzealous idiot decided on this course of action? Oh wait, that’s right our Athletic Director is that overzealous idiot.

So there’s your slow news day news folks. Feel free to sound off with your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.