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2016 College Football Polls: Week 11

A quick look at the latest college football rankings, and a look ahead at the upcoming games.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 Polls

AP (Last week) Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Alabama Alabama Michigan Alabama
2 Michigan Clemson (1) Alabama Michigan
3 Clemson Michigan (2) Louisville Clemson
4 Washington Washington Ohio State Ohio State
5 Louisville Ohio State (6) Clemson Washington
6 Ohio State Louisville (5) Washington Louisville
7 Wisconsin (8) Wisconsin (8) Auburn Auburn
8 Auburn (11) Auburn (12) LSU Wisconsin
9 Oklahoma (12) Oklahoma (11) Penn State Texas A&M
10 Texas A&M (7) WVU (15) Wisconsin WMU
11 West Virginia (14) Texas A&M (7) Colorado Colorado
12 Penn State (20) Utah (16) FSU Penn State
13 Utah (16) UNC (17) USC WSU
14 Western Michigan (17) Penn State (23) Oklahoma FSU
15 UNC (18) Colorado (20) Florida Virginia Tech
16 Colorado (21) Florida (9) Ole Miss Oklahoma
17 Oklahoma State (22) Okla. State (22) Virginia Tech LSU
18 Virginia Tech (23) FSU (19) WMU UNC
19 LSU (15) LSU (14) Boise State WVU
20 Florida State (19) Nebraska (10) Texas A&M USC
21 Nebraska (9) WMU (18) SDSU Boise State
22 Florida (10) Virginia Tech (21) Miami Nebraska
23 Washington State (25) WSU (25) UNC Tennessee
24 Boise State Boise State (24) TCU Florida
25 Baylor (13) Baylor (13) WKU Utah

Georgia Overview

We won, we won! Rodrigo Blakenship booted the Dawgs to a 27-24 win over the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington.

The Dawgs improve to 5-4 and take on Auburn in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry this Saturday in Athens.


For the first time since I’ve been writing this weekly piece, the same 25 teams are ranked this week in the AP Poll as last week.


#10 Texas A&M

You shouldn’t get to lose to Mississippi State and stay in the top ten.  A&M has had a great season and are a very good team, but that loss should have seen them slip further.



After beating the Florida Gators and improving to 6-3, the Razorbacks deserved to be ranked rather than Baylor, who has played a cupcake schedule and just got smacked by TCU 62-22.

This Week’s Top 25 Matchups

#25 Baylor vs. #9 Oklahoma

Upset Alert

Last week, I was terribly, terribly wrong about Nebraska.  I’m embarrassed.

This week, I’ll take Arizona upsetting Colorado in some #Pac12AfterDark.