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Second Half Open Comment Thread

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Is this improvement I'm seeing in our Beloved Bulldogs?  We seem to be holding our own tonight.

Taking a look at the first half stats:

Jacob Eason is 6/11 and 130 yards.  He's spreading the ball around really well hitting 6 different receivers: Javon Wims, Isaiah McKenzie, Isaac Nauta, Tyler Simmons & Sony Michel.  Team Rushing has returned to normal this week.  Our 24 carries have been split between Nick Chubb and Sony Michel 13 & 11 respectively for a total of 108 yards.  For you math geniuses out there, 122 yards receiving, 108 yards rushing, 230 yards total, why we've got a nearly balanced offense!  Anyone miss balance for balance sake?

Wild Thing Rodrigo Blankenship made both of his field goal attempts in the game thus far for the third week in a row.  We have ourselves a kicker folks.  Marshall Long has 1 punt for 50 yards.  We can be happy with 50 yard punts yes?

Our 3rd down efficiency this week is 4-8 vs. the Wildcats 1-6.  Admittedly, the worst moment was the muffed punt that gave the Wildcats 7 points.  That stinks.  People make mistakes.  There's 11 men on the field.  The team will recover.

So far we've held the KY Kitties to:

Passing:  8/13 75 total yards; Rushing:  17 carries for 100 yards; and 4 punts.

Our offense seems like it might maybe be improving some from the last couple of weeks.

We're winning the battle for total offense our 238 to their 175 and time of possession is following along, our 18:10 to their 11:50.  Sadly, in the penalty race, we're winning with 2 for 20 to their 2 for 15.

Let's hope the team pulls out the polish for the second half: Offensively, Defensively & Special Teams.