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First Half Open Comment Thread: It’s okay to put down the shovel.

Vanderbilt v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

When I was a young lawyer one of my mentors asked me if I'd get heard of the “rule of holes.” I had not. “"It is simply this”, he said conspiratorily. “"When you find yourself in a hole, the first step is to put down the shovel.”

And that's a pretty good synopsis of what Kirby Smart’s team must do tonight. Just stop digging. Arrest the downward momentum.

My sense is that this team is still looking for that moment when they really come together. The moment they can look back on later and say is the point at which they turned things around.

Incidentally, with a matchup next week against a top 15 Auburn team, Georgia needs to win this one to put its bowl hopes on some sort of firm footing. I am not saying I'm penciling in a loss to the Plainsmen, but I wouldn't blame anyone who did at this point. I also don't want to be facing Georgia Tech with bowl eligibility on the line. Let’s take care of business. Go ‘Dawgs!!!