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Tuesday Dawg Bites: And so the offseason begins

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's upon us ladies and gentlemen.  The offseason is here.  Well, not completely.  As we've got Army/Navy, championship games, the countless awards, and bowl games left to go.  But aside from one more Georgia game, we're entering the long cold winter until next fall and we can have new reasons to FIRE ERRBODY!

So what's going on as seasons wrap up?  Well, recruiting season is in full swing for Kirby and company, and boy is the season getting busy. Ohso busy indeed.  But don't forget that quite a few recruits are still finishing up their season as the high school playoffs are reaching the semi final stage.

Speaking of bowl games, we're looking at a low end bowl game, a few of which may allow for a match up some people do and some people really, really don't want to see.

Elsewhere around Dawg country, the 4-2 Lady Dawgs get ready to host Kennesaw St tonight at 7 in Stegeman.  This will be coach Joni Taylor's first official game back as assistant Karen Lange handled the first six following the birth of Taylor's first child back on November 3rd.  The men will host Morehouse tomorrow at 7 in Steg, with extremely talented freshman SG from Iron City Jordan Harris commanding more minutes each game.

Elsewhere around the south, we hope you are safe and sound, Bama looks ready to roll in to the playoffs, and we usher in the ERA OF DA COACH O!