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Counting Blessings

Feeling grumpy? This may help.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The regular football season is over. The turkey’s been gobbled and you’re probably sick of leftovers by now. I’ve turned my attention to Christmas in hopes of finding some joy, peace and good will toward men all of which seem to be in short supply lately.

My facebook feed recently included a Christmas Wish List from The Sparrow’s Nest Mission in Athens. We’re all a little grumpy right now but as I looked through and saw simple requests for a pair of shoes or long john’s or maybe a tent or a blanket losing to Tech yesterday didn’t seem terribly important or bothersome.

We’re not facing winter without shelter or clothing. We’re not in need of a new pair of shoes or a hot meal without the funds to cover the cost. There are real people in Athens for whom these very real problems.

I’ve looked and The Sparrow’s Nest is a valid 501(c)3 organization. Any contributions to them are tax-deductible. I have a local friend that’s regularly involved in their work who tells me these are good people doing good work. They provide for needs in their community whether that is tutoring kids, providing clothing through their clothing bank, hot showers, meals,

A few years back this community helped raise enough funds to buy a little boy a much needed service dog. Today I’m asking you to take a look and consider making a contribution to help Athens people help Athens people. For those who live too far away, or prefer it, they have a pay pal donation option. If you’re closer in, they always need volunteers & things you can donate beyond just cash.

Let’s move on from the season and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who truly need it.

As Always,