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Mel Tucker a candidate at Georgia State?

NCAA Football: Georgia Spring Game Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today's getting sourcey, reporting that Georgia defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is a candidate for the Georgia State head coaching job. The Panthers parted ways with Trent Miles a couple of weeks ago after his squad slogged its way to a 2-8 record to start the season. It makes some sense for Tucker, a well-traveled assistant with NFL coordinator experience and the Saban connection all the kids are so crazy about these days, to get a shot at a program like GSU.

It might be a little early to start penciling Tucker in in Atlanta, however. One obstacle would be his $850,000 salary in Athens. Miles was earning $463,500 in Atlanta, so luring Tucker would require stepping up in weight class. That being said, the school recently got approval to purchase Turner Field for $22.8 million and turn it into its venue for home football games. So it’s not as if Atlanta’s premier college football program isn’t already focused on making big moves. GSU will also owe Miles only about $281,000 under his buyout. So that shouldn’t be an impediment either.

The interesting question for Bulldog fans is who Kirby Smart would tap to replace Tucker. There is some natural inclination to think that Brian Van Gorder, newly minted UGA analyst, might be a candidate for the job. I think a more likely scenario would have either outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer or inside linebackers coach Glenn Schumann stepping up to take the reins. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!