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Smart on Tech loss: “You’ve gotta play all 60 minutes.”

Thanks for that, Captain Obvious.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Smart looked about as uncomfortable as you would expect this afternoon as he took questions following Georgia’s come-from-ahead 28-27 loss to Georgia Tech. A few quick notes:

  • Smart explained that the thinking on Jacob Eason’s killer late interception was that with Tech stacking the box a quick throw to the outside to get the speedy Godwin into space was a low risk strategy. It was just thrown behind him, then tipped up to waiting Tech corner Lance Austin. I agreed 100% with the call. A well-thrown, caught ball there probably goes for a nice gain and loosens the Jacket defense up if Georgia faces a similar situation down the field. The execution just wasn’t there at the worst possible time.
  • Kirby also labeled the game a”microcosm of the season”: good here, bad there, and missed opportunities all over the place. I think that’s a good analysis of it. It’s no less frustrating to view this game in those terms. Make no mistake, this team and this coaching staff didn’t get the job done today. If Kirby Smart and his staff make a habit of this they will eventually be unemployed. No one knows this better than Kirby Smart.
  • But just like Georgia was about three plays from winning this one 31-21, Georgia was about eight plays from being 9-3, or even 10-2. This team is just about exactly what it would have been had that last pass against Tennessee been tipped away, had Isaiah McKenzie converted that first down against Vandy, and had Eason hit Terry Godwin in stride. That’s the way every single football season works. It comes down to a relative handful of plays. A few times (North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky) Georgia made the plays. Today, not so much.
  • Finally, Coach Smart intimated that the freshmen and sophomores on his squad may not have realized “the magnitude” of this game. I expect that after 364 days of hearing the shrill buzzing of little brother, they may get a feel for it.

You can watch the full press conference below:

(H/T, Jake Rowe, 247Sports)