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First Half Open Comment Thread

Beat the rush. Hate Tech early.

There are other annual affairs on the Georgia Bulldog football schedule which I enjoy winning more than the Georgia Tech game. But there is hands-down no other game which I more despise losing. A loss to the trade school comes with repercussions. A year of incessant whining. A month of reflection on the craptasticness of it while getting ready for the bowl game. I want no part of it. I never have. Fortunately, it's an occurrence rarer than the passing of some near Earth celestial objects.

But this year, this matchup, has me worried. Genuinely worried. If there has been one consistent area of struggle for this Georgia football team in 2016 it has been the mental approach to the game. Penalties. Bloen assignments. The things which you absolutely cannot do wrong if you want to win this one.

On defense Georgia will be playing a host of contributors who have never faced the triple option before. They are about to get a master course in it. I like the Deppe and size that Georgia has upfront, and our athleticism in the line back and core. If we play smart assignment football, there is no reason for Tech to ever get anything going on offense.

But if the Georgia offense turns the ball over, or cannot sustain drives, the momentum could shift in this one quickly. Paul Johnson will want to grind Georgia down late. To drive with the ball and a running clock. Kirby Smart and Mel Tucker absolutely cannot allow that to happen.

And, as we have seen in some previous disastrous iterations of this rivalry, this young Georgia team absolutely, positively cannot take its foot off the gas to early. I cannot stress this enough. Win the first snap. Win the last snap. Win the ballgame.

But enough Munsoning. Let’s go show ‘em who runs this state.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!