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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites

In which we lament the end of another football season and the long, desolate winter to come...

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I know you probably have a busy schedule today. Thanksgiving leftovers, nursing that Black Friday hangover, sorting out all the stuff you bought and frantically checking your bank account. And, of course, Tech isn’t going to hate itself... so you should probably get on that.

As such, I’m going to keep this short. This is, regrettably, the final weekend of the college football season and, therefore, the final installment of Gameday Dawg Bites until the bowl game and then until 2017. So soak it all in. Get the meat on the grill, the bourbon in your belly, and prepare for today’s game. Did I mention you should do your part in our glorious mission of spreading Tech hatred? I hate Tech.

The open comment thread for today’s game will be open before you know it, but until then you should feel free to share all of your early morning shenanigans here.

Now for today’s soundtrack (Provided by one of my favorite Athens-based bands, Grand Vapids):

And on to the news!

  • Jordan Hill of the Macon Telegraph has a nice piece about the impact the 2014 loss to Tech in Sanford Stadium had on players still on the team. If their quotes are any indication, they’re out for blood. That makes me very, very happy.
  • David Ching of ESPN points out how critical it is for the Dawgs D to be stingy on 3rd down. While on the surface that seems like ESPN pointing out the obvious as they are wont to do, the statistics he presents reinforce that this may be more critical in this game than any other.
  • As you know, I loathe linking the AJC, but Seth Emerson (who is pretty much the only good thing they have going for them other than Haisten Willis) has an interesting look at the patchwork group of Seniors that make up the 2016 edition of the Dawgs and the leadership they’ve provided.
  • This is fun: Arkansas State will play sacrificial lamb to Georgia in 2019. The Red Wolves will receive a sum of $1.8 million dollars for the game. McGarity, if you’re reading this, I’ll trot out onto the lush grass of Sanford and let Kirby’s boys bash me around for half that.
  • Speaking of scheduling, Mark Fox’s charges will spend Thanksgiving 2017 in Los Angeles participating in the Wooden Legacy. Potential opponents include Washington State, St. Joseph’s, DePaul, Cal State Fullerton, Harvard, San Diego State, and Saint Mary’s.


That’s it for now folks. Have a great Saturday, Wreck Tech, and...