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Season 1 Volume 13 | Georgia Tech vs UGA Game Preview

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I. Intro

I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta and continuously heard about how dangerous and decrepit Tech’s campus was my entire upbringing. When I was little, I used to fake spit in my hand anytime we passed Tech on the way to Turner Field. The hate for Tech in this one was strong. I now live in West Midtown and drive through Tech’s campus frequently. When I first moved in, my Fiancé and I were driving through campus on the way to an event in midtown. It was a beautiful fall night and both of us were amazed by the beauty of the campus in the middle of the city. I hate to say it, but it was such a nice mix of brand new state of the art facilities alongside historical buildings. For the first time, our hearts were slightly softened towards Tech. As we drove towards the outskirts of campus, a bunch of students were loading a bus on the way to a formal. My sweet Fiancé rolled down the window slightly, quickly looked at me and then yelled out “NEERRRRRRDDDDDSSSS”. She’s a nice lady but as dawg alumna, the clean old fashioned hate for Tech will never leave us.

Dawgs don’t care if it’s Thanksgiving, game previews need to be produced. Everything is telling me to go to sleep. From my emerging turkey coma to the fact that I woke up at 330am Wednesday morning to come home from Kansas City. My dad and I wanted to see the Dawgs take down Kansas live. Unfortunately, we only saw the Yante Maten show, which was brilliant on its own but could have used a lot of help. We both agreed that the BBQ made the 12 hour trip worth it despite the loss. I need to push through because the football Dawgs have an important week on their hands.

Wanted to open up with some comments about the yearly coaching carousel we see in college football and how it could affect Georgia this year. This was always the most stressful time to go through as a lower part of a coaching staff. After the 2013 season, coach Grantham left for Louisville and the entire defensive staff was left wondering if they still had a job. Coach Pruitt came in quickly with a very positive disposition (it would not last long) looking to either retain or replace coaches. DB Coach Scott Lakatos was not retained, DL Coach Chris Wilson left for USC and LB coach Kirk Olivadotti was given the opportunity to return to the NFL for the Redskins. As we spent the coming weeks breaking down recruits and the self-scout of the 2013 season, we spent our time trying to prove ourselves to Coach Pruitt. Most of us were not told outright that we would be staying in our positions; we just kept working and figured at a certain point that we were probably going to be around for the 2014 season. It was a period of complete uncertainty and stress. I don’t envy any family in that position no matter how much money a coach that lands a new job stands to make. When it comes to a job, I am very risk averse and this was a big reason I began to realize that I did not want to make this my career.

How Georgia could be affected by this year’s Coaching Carousel:

  • Jimbo Fisher to LSU- Following a report that LSU had made a substantial offer to Fisher, info is starting to emerge that LSU is making a strong move for Tom Herman. This may be a ploy from Herman’s camp to force the hand of Texas. No speculation on who will become the LSU head coach but Georgia may be in a position to gain if it’s Fisher. Georgia is already making a strong push for 5 star corner Stanford Samuels and Fisher’s departure would make it a very easy decision for Samuels. Samuels is a tremendous player with physicality and length at the corner position. He would be a huge add to Georgia’s recruiting class. It would also make it easier on Georgia to recruit against FSU with Fisher out. It hasn’t been a huge issue this year but it is difficult to defend South Georgia from an ACC powerhouse.
  • Brian Vangorder as a UGA analyst- there is zero downside to this. It is a huge help to bring in guys with a ton of experience not only in the SEC but also against a team you are set to play. The thing I have noticed over the years has me a bit worried for this weekend’s game. Kirby and Pruitt have a very similar defense and run it from the defensive backs up to the defensive line. This allows their defense to be very successful against offenses similar to Clemson and Auburn because they can fight the spread offense with more DB’s on the field. They do not seem to have as much success with triple option. Coach Grantham was the opposite, he ran his defense from the front to the back and every D Lineman knew their gap or man responsibility on every play. I am not saying they don’t on Kirby’s defense, but there is consistently more focus on the back end. Vangorder simply provides another body to give both advice and gameplan around what worked for him in the past. There is no downside because he is a “volunteer” putting in the time and work to land another job while not being paid. But I would certainly switch Christmas bonesus with Vangorder if I had the chance. There are also several high school coaches very familiar with the triple option that Kirby has brought in for even more eyes. Keep bringing analysts in and don’t let McGarity say a word about it.
  • Likely staff departure- I won’t speculate on any Staff members that may leave but there is a probability at least one departs for a promotion or significant pay bump. We have a lot of talented assistants who have garnered praise and could be given opportunities elsewhere. Coach Rocker will always be a sought after man due to his success with a young DL. Coach Coley and Coach Beamer have very good reputations in college football. Coach McGee has been loosely linked to openings at Georgia State. No guarantee on anyone but out of 9 assistants, you figure at least one may get a look somewhere.
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Future Speculative Carousels

  • Jeremy Pruitt to FSU- no need to think 2 steps ahead too seriously but this could be a very bad situation for Georgia. Samuels would likely give FSU another chance with Pruitt in place. Honestly the effect of this would come down the line as Kirby was forced to defend south Georgia from FSU and Pruitt year in and year out. Coach Pruitt’s track record sets him up to be a head coach soon but for Georgia’s sake I hope he does not land at FSU
  • Mike Bobo to Georgia Tech- my ultimate nightmare. You think defending the triple option is hard? Try defending an offense that scores over 30 a game that would have significantly better talent. They obviously won’t get rid of turkey neck himself Paul Johnson this year but it has to be coming soon right? I hate to say this but Tech has so much more potential. This offense holds them back from attaining talent in a recruiting hotbed. Bobo would implement his offense and recruit his ass off in the middle of Atlanta. The move back to Georgia would be great for him and I think he could take their program to new heights, but for Georgia’s sake please stay away.
NCAA Football: Wyoming at Colorado State The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

College football is crazy world.

II. ULL Review

I don’t give a damn about your superstitions (3-1 record by the way), those black jerseys are so sharp and should be worn at least once a year. It felt good to finally be in a game that was never in question. However, the play of backups was really disappointing and even slightly concerning. This is a team without a ton of depth at the moment. It is the result of a few top heavy recruiting classes and some limited talent development. It will get better. The freshman are such a huge barometer of where your program is headed and I think we can all see that those guys can ball. You never know about high school kids until they step on campus but it seems we are headed in the right direction for next year as well. Depth is building and with it, the sustainability of this program.

III. Georgia Tech Preview

Nervous nervous nervous. The Thanksgiving holiday throws a wrench in this rivalry every single year. Preparation is obviously the most important aspect in any game but home field advantage is also a huge factor on gamedays. In 2014, we had a chance to go to a New Year’s six bowl. Just needed to beat Tech. I expected a tremendous amount of fan support for a top 15 matchup. That is not what we had at all. The student section wasn’t full for a noon kick and the vibe amongst the crowd would have lead you to believe we were both unranked and playing another normal out of conference game. It’s not up to the fans to lead the Dawgs to victory but you would think there would be more excitement for a game of that magnitude. This game always sneaks up on us as students are still on break and the rest of us are still recovering from a holiday. And maybe it sneaks up on the Dawgs too. Sure our record lately is tremendous against an instate rival but their offense consistently negates the talent premium we hold. I expect it will do the same this year. I think their backs are talented. Dedrick Mills was a player I really liked as a possible linebacker for UGA but he was too small and ended up at B back in Atlanta. JJ Green is an extremely talented player along with Marcus Marshall. They have some guys that can make you pay if you get out of position. With the way our offense has been scoring, we cannot afford too many of these game breaking plays on defense. Speaking of our offense, they will go up against a Tech defense that is consistently a good unit. You can see the talent deficiency on their defense as it is made up of undersized players such as the Austin twins. But those guys can really play. To me, Georgia Tech’s defense is like Malkom Parrish personified. He is very short and you don’t expect much from him until he jumps six feet off the ground for an interception. Kirby has watched enough film to know all of this and even if the fanbase isn’t ready early tomorrow morning, the dawgs will have no excuse to be lulled to sleep.

IV. SEC Predictions

V. Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

That week hurt and I had forgotten what that felt like. 1-3 last week. Still 27-21 overall. I understand if you don’t double down this week but I am getting back on track.

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week Portfolio Value: $600

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