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3 Things That Worry Me About Georgia Tech

A roller-coaster regular season comes to a close facing los hermanitos de Atlanta. They run, they block, they chop, they occasionally pass, and all for the low-low price of d/dx(csc x)=-csc x cot x. What, me worry?

Georgia v Georgia Tech
That Sony Michel, though.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here are the three things that I’m NOT worried about Saturday:

1. The Wramblin’ Wreck. These guys are using a 1930’s era internal combustion engine to instill school pride? I’d a thought this would be solar-powered by now. Or at least loaded with Duracells and drag racing Tesla’s on Spring Street while trolling for dancers getting off the brunch shift. Why the heck isn’t this thing a Transformer? Or some kind of Iron Man thingamabob? I mean, they’re at Georgia Tech… supposedly they can do that.

2. Black Jerseys. Other than trotting them out once a year for a home game, the UGAAA hasn’t revealed much on black jerseys. Our boys showed up in black this past Saturday and took care of business in Sanford Stadium. Some people like them, some people don’t, but we don’t have to worry ourselves with the jersey colors for another 10 months or so. Or…. Do we?

3. Time of Possession. UGA averages over 33 minutes of offense per game while the Gnats average 3 full minutes less. Of course if Paul Johnson ever adopted the 1980’s strategy of calling plays at the line of scrimmage, then they would cut their TOP even more. I guess if whispering the call to a player who then whispers it to the QB who then calls the play in the huddle is good enough for Pop Warner pre-adolescents, it’s good enough for Georgia Tech.

Here are the three things that I AM worried about Saturday:

1. Dawg Tired. Our defense has kept us in ball games and flat-out won us some ball games. With an inconsistent offense, Mel Tucker’s boys have held up their end of the bargain more times than not (6’4” OIe Miss wideouts not withstanding). But they’ve got to be tired. 7 of our 11 opponents are in the top half nationally of offensive plays per game. Georgia Tech averages 7-8 more offensive plays per game than we do. Now if that is the Auburn variety of stuff run/sack/knock QB to the ground, then fine. But if they’re the calculus-driven option plays that CPJ has dreamed up in his Olde Golde notebook, then our S&C really better pay off.

2. Squad goals. Like UGA, Tech is mired behind teams in their own conference division. For them, this game is only about pride for an in-state rivalry. The bowl slots look pretty locked up too, with Georgia going to the Liberty Bowl and Georgia Tech heading to NYC for the Pinstripe Bowl and facing ACC B1G opponent Maryland. They are not overlooking UGA, and they really have nothing to look forward to other than bragging rights, which the fans will do no matter what, but which the players might be extra-motivated for.

Whereas Georgia is looking to solidify a season that was pretty fluid just a few weeks ago, wants to go into bowl prep injury free, Coach Kirby Smart is surely looking for more validation, and we all want to send out the seniors and draft eligible players knowing they run this state. All the pressure is on our side.

3. Casey Wilson. A quick review of the GT roster reveals Wilson as the starting long snapper. He came in highly recruited and after redshirting, has now two seasons under his belt. He’s playing ahead of a true freshman who came to GT even more highly-touted. Word on the street is he is left-handed, or at least amphibious.

What are the things that worry you about the North Avenue Trade School? Put them in the comments below, and as always…