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Your Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Reggie Ball's 5th Down Cafe and Sports Bar... now featuring Joe Hamilton's "Organic" Yellow Jacket Brownies (because, you know, every Tech football player aces Calculus and only U(sic)GA players break the law).

Cheer up, Tech fan.  You're going to lose on Saturday.  Situation normal.
Cheer up, Tech fan. You're going to lose on Saturday. Situation normal.
Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

We've reached the end of the line my friends.  It's the final weekend of college football's regular season and, thus, the final time I bring you the TV schedule for 2016.

Yes, I know there are a handful of games next weekend.  But...

1)  There aren't that many championship games, most of them are spread throughout the day, they are all on major networks, and your TV has this handy "guide" feature if you're really that interested.  Seriously, there are only 4 championship games of consequence and, frankly, I'd recommend skipping all of them and just watching the Navy Midshipmen vs. whoever game on ABC at Noon.


2) The fact that the Big 12 is still getting around to doing what the other conferences have, for the most part, been doing for decades doesn't warrant the time or effort this feature requires. Speaking of which, I look forward to the Big 12 not being in the playoff yet again.

Anyway, its been a roller coaster of a season.  We've seen some great performances out of the Dawgs (ex: the D against Auburn) and some games that have made us want to tear our hair out (ex: Nicholls State -- hey, at least we didn't lose).  Such is the nature of things when you are breaking in a rookie head coach. That said, staring at a possible 8th win and killer recruiting isn't exactly a bad place to be.

So put the ribs on the grill, pour a tall glass of Maker's Mark, and get ready, because here we go...

Your Week 13 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!


LSU TigersTexas A&M Aggies, 7:30 pm, ESPN

I hope you like SEC West also-rans... cause this is the only college game on TV for Thanksgiving Day.


Washington Huskies @ Washington State Cougars, 3:30 pm, FOX

This is an unusual Friday slate due to the holidays and there are certainly many options from which to choose. But I have to go with what is easily the most consequential Apple Cup of my lifetime.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ Georgia Bulldogs, 12:00 pm, SEC Network

Forget about Michigan/Ohio State. I hate Georgia Tech.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ USC Trojans, 3:30 pm, ABC

While most of you will probably be watching the Alabama Crimson Tide dismantle the Auburn Tigers in this year's Iron Bowl over on CBS, I honestly believe I'll derive more enjoyment from watching Notre Dame's death spiral continue in sunny Los Angeles.


South Carolina Gamecocks @ Clemson Tigers, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Tennessee Volunteers @ Vanderbilt Commodores, 7:30 pm, SEC Network

Florida Gators @ Florida State Seminoles, 8:00 pm, ABC

Take your pick of SEC East nonsense.


Colorado State Rams @ San Diego State Aztecs, 9:00 pm, CBSSN

Mike Bobo is the first coach in Colorado State history to take the Rams to a bowl game in the first two years of his tenure.  I've been enjoying late night Bobo-Ball for some time, I don't plan to stop now.


And that's all for this season folks.  Until 2017...