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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia has quietly put together a three-game winning streak and have shown improvement for the most part with wins over Kentucky, Auburn and Saturday’s 35-21 victory over Louisiana-Lafayette. They enter rivalry week with the chance to capture their eighth win of the season against Georgia Tech and appear slated for a spot in the Liberty Bowl according to SB Nation’s latest projections.

Georgia has shown improvement in just about all aspects of the game, their defense has appeared to make the most progress. On Saturday, 14 of the 21 points scored by Louisiana-Lafayette came in the fourth quarter against the Bulldogs backup unit. The starters forced four more turnovers and defensive tackle Trenton Thompson looks like he is developing into a monster.

The Bulldogs now rank fourth in the SEC in total defense behind Alabama, Florida and LSU and are 14th in the country. That is a pretty nice turnaround and lays some good groundwork for next season which should be the goal at this point anyway.

The offense also showed signs of life on Saturday but remains inconsistent. Nick Chubb went over 100 yards rushing for the second straight game and Jacob Eason threw for two touchdowns. Still it was hardly a dominant performance and Eason forced some throws and threw his first interception since the South Carolina game.

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