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NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday morning, y’all. You know what that means, don’t you? We are one more day closer to that big ‘ol L-Tryptophan bong party Turkey dinner next week. I present to you some random Dawggly things I’ve poached from the interwebs and a few bits-of-tid and even your local forecast.

It sounds as if Rodrigo Blankenship’s dad is upping the ante just a little bit:

I don’t blame Mr. Blankenship at all for sticking up for his son, and personally I think Rodrigo has earned his scholarship. I just think with social media (and, in fairness, blogs like this one) clamoring for instant information, it’s a bit unsavory to see this show up now on Twitter. Probably best to just keep this stuff between himself and the coaching staff, IMO.

By now you’ve heard that we’re back in black on Saturday for UL-Lafayette. Allow me to get upon my soapbox and make an appeal: Please bring back - at least once a season - the red road pants. This was a big part of our look for many years, beginning I believe in 1977 and lasting at least through the middle ‘80’s. It’s an awesome look and blends very well with the traditional road white jerseys. We’ve had this discussion before (I miss Kyle). What say you?

Alternate jerseys/pants/shoes/jockstraps are a “thing” in college football these days. The players seem to be totally cool with this as well. It’ll certainly make another noon start with an out-of-conference (I refuse to use the term cupcake until further notice) a bit more interesting and that’s a good thing.

Jersey colors aside, this is a legitimate question.


Living in south Florida, I’m really not in the mood for any more of this sH*t...

BTW, Phil Klotzbach took over for the late Dr. William Gray - the renowned tropical climatologist who more often than not accurately predicted overall seasonal activity. (Klotzbach was a 5-Star meteorological recruit coming out of high school for some of the better weather programs. Okay, I’ve geeked out enough this morning.)

About this potential depression: if it brings some rain (doubtful) to parts of the parched southeastern U.S., that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all because we definitely need it.


Would Jimbo Fisher jump from Tallahassee to Baton Rouge if LSU came calling? LSU has contacted Fisher despite the fact that interim coach Ed Orgeron (perhaps a sentimental favorite) has done a very good job since Les Miles’ ouster about a month ago. IF Fisher were to make that jump, some prize recruits, including a few that the Dawgs are after, might begin to dig around a bit. Interesting times right now in Leon County, FLA.

The Minnesota Vikings released former Georgia kicker Blair Walsh on Tuesday. His field-goal percentage (12 of 16, 75%) isn’t horrible, but he’s also missed 4 extra points this season and was probably on double-secret probation ever since he missed a 27-yard field-goal attempt that cost the Vikings a playoff game last year.

Okay, folks. Enjoy your hump-day. As Always...