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Sunday Superlatives: Auburn Edition.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If it's Sunday morning it's time for us to look back at the best performances from this weekend’s Georgia Bulldog football game.

Offensive MVP: Nick Chubb. #27 rejoined the Century Club with 101 yards on 23 carries. But more than anything Chubb ground out the tough yards, especially late, when the Bulldogs needed it most.

Defensive MVP: Maurice Smith. Georgia needed one touchdown to win this one, and they got it on a rambling return from the senior transfer.

Play of the day: See above.

Low light: I hate to be predictable, but I've got to go with Greg Pyke’s false start penalty late in the fourth. It put Georgia in a position to barely miss a 49 yard field that probably would have been good from 44 yards. one day someone will explain to me why our fifth year senior, preseason ALL-SEC right tackle can't sit still until the ball is snapped. Today isn't the day. Tomorrow isn't looking promising, either.

Fun fact: Auburn still leads the all-time series in Athens, but hasn't won in the Classic City since . 2005. When George W. Bush was just settling in to start his second term. And neither Twitter or the iPhone had been invented yet.