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Second Half Open Comment Thread

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well it's the South's Oldest Rivalry game and given where we were before last Saturday, it's not horribad right?  I mean we're only down 7-0 and it seems we have developed something of a deep ball threat this afternoon.

Taking a look at the first half stats:

Jacob Eason is 8/16 and 102 yards.  Courtesy of the WildDawg that didn't work out very well, Terry Godwin is also on the board 0/1 and our only interception.  Eason continues spreading the ball around hitting 6 different receivers: Riley Ridley, Isaiah McKenzie, Terry Godwin, Charlie Woerner, Nick Chubb & Sony Michel.

Team Rushing this week is 16 carries for 59 yards including Eason's two runs for net negative 18 yards.  The remaining 14 carries have been split between Nick Chubb and Sony Michel 9, & 4 carries for 39 & 38 yards respectively.  Our total offense is less balanced than last week with 102 yards receiving, 59 yards rushing, 161 yards total.

Wild Thing Rodrigo Blankenship hasn't had a chance for a field goal attempt thus far.  With Marshall Long injured, Brice Ramsey is taking care of punting duty and getting plenty of chances.  So far he has 4 punts for 146 total yards averaging 36.5 per punt and his longest is 40 yards.

I know we're down by 7 at the half, but it feels like our Defense has done a good job of stopping Auburn's offense.

So far we've held the wartiglesmen to:

Passing:  5/8 25 total yards; Rushing:  24 carries for 107 yards; and 3 punts.

We're winning the battle for total offense our 161 to their 132 and time of possession is following along, our 16:15 to their 13:45.  Sadly, in the penalty race, we're PWG with 3 for 20 to their 1 for 15.

Let's hope we pull it out in the second half!