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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Florida v Georgia Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Good Tuesday morning, Bulldog fans! While you're busy eating your kids’ Halloween candy for breakfast, let’s also take a look at what’s making news in Bulldog Nation. Yes, some of it may be a little scary.

What's wrong with the Bulldog offensive line? At least according to its members, a little of this, a little of that.

It appears that Michael Barnett’s tenure in the offensive line is at an end and he’s back in the crowded defensive line depth chart. Given the emergence of freshmen in that unit, one could be forgiven for wondering what the former four star recruit’s future in Athens might be.

Georgia looks to be more banged up than at any time this season, but Smart still expects most of the guys dinged against Florida to play Saturday night.

Kirby Smart says the lack of touches for Nick Chubb and Sony Michel is ‘"being addressed.’ While the two tailbacks combining for ten rushes against Florida is bothersome, I'm more perturbed with Isaiah McKenzie getting precisely zero catches or rushes on the day.

Georgia players are looking for any mental angle to get motivated for this weekend’s road contest with Kentucky. We’re looking to pull the upset. Over Kentcky. Yeah.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mark Stoops has gone from squirming on the hot seat to the toast of Lexington in a matter of weeks. A Sea of Blue has some thoughts on how in the heck that happened.

We’ll be back later with more Dawg-centric news and commentary. Until then...

Go ‘'Dawgs!!!